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LVV - Liechtensteinischer Versicherungsverband

Locational advantages

Unique access to the European market and Switzerland
Liechtenstein is the only country to offer direct access both to the whole of the European market and to Switzerland. As an EEA member country, Liechtenstein enables insurance companies to sell their products throughout the EU. The same companies also have access to the Swiss market under the Direct Insurance Agreement of 1997.
Unique expertise with different legislative systems
Right from the outset, as an industry in a small country the insurance sector was compelled to adapt itself to the different legislative systems of the target markets at international level. The expertise acquired by the insurers in various legislations is one of the great strengths of Liechtenstein as an insurance centre.
Outstanding political stability
The emerging insurance industry has superb conditions to grow thanks to a politically stable environment:
  • High degree of political continuity
  • Stable social, legal and economic system
Robust financial system
The insurance industry is set to grow on the basis of the sound financial situation of the country:
  • The Swiss franc (CHF) is a powerful and stable currency
  • Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s have given Liechtenstein an AAA rating
  • Sound financial policy and great financial strength in the public sector
Insurance friendly framework conditions
Both customers and insurance companies benefit from Liechtenstein’s insurance friendly legislation, its modern tax system and its liberal approach to commercial and company law. All these factors promote innovation in the field of product development, enable providers to produce flexible insurance solutions and offer the customer guaranteed safety and security.
Transparency thanks to tighter regulation
Precise insurance supervision legislation, a competent regulatory authority and tight regulatory controls create transparency and legal certainty in the insurance business.
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